Learning magazine design

A few weeks ago, my editing class dove into designing for magazines, as opposed to designing for newspapers.

Our assignment involved creating two facing magazine pages. Our subject was Mardi Gras 2012. Using wire photos and an Associated Press recap of the event, we put together our pages. I decided to use the purple, yellow and green that symbolize Mardi Gras in my display type. Next, I tried to play up the great, eye-catching pictures the wire provided.

For my second page, I decided to play the best Mardi Gras picture huge and get out of the way. I didn’t want to leave the block of text underneath as one dense whole, so I searched the wires for a photo of the Zulu coconut the story talks about. Sure enough, they had a file photo of the coconut from 2011. I grabbed that, cropped, dropped it on the page and voila, I was done.

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