A magazine layout featuring music blogging

For our last assignment, I wanted to combine the editing and design skills I have developed in the advanced editing class with some of the music blogging I have done. To do that, I chose to make an music piece I wrote about James McMurtry into a magazine layout.

Page 1

One of the other fans at the McMurtry show I attended was gracious enough to let me use her pictures, but that wasn’t enough art. I also incorporated a publicity still of McMurtry and a huge quote from his song, which frames my written piece. After a little hunting, I tracked down McMurtry’s next show in Phoenix and put that in a small box.

Page 2

For the second page, I decided to highlight some of McMurtry’s great songs. I also wanted to do a small sidebar piece on Johnny Burke, who tours with McMurtry and who I have also interviewed.

See the entire piece as a PDF.

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