Word editing tips from the experts

Editing tip: Checking numbers, capital letters
“Numbers and capital letters (except at the beginning of sentences) are neon signs telling you to double-check them.” — Leigh A. Zinsmeister

Editing tip: Liftout quotes
“Be careful where you place liftout quotes. Don’t let them block easy flow of story text.” — Andy Bechtel

Editing tip: Learn your style guide
“Know your style guide: http://bit.ly/I7nMCf.” — Colleen Barry (The link goes to the helpful “How to learn a style guide in 10 days.”)

Editing tip: Accuracy checklist
“My tip for copy editors would be to follow Craig Silverman/Regret the Error‘s advice and develop an accuracy checklist.” — Jennifer Gale Hellum (Gale Hellum is a social media specialist.)

Editing tip: Checking addresses
“Use the post office website to check addresses. This will tell you what’s a street, avenue, boulevard, etc.” — Matthew Crowley

Editing tip: Intuition
“Heed the inner voice that suggests something’s not quite right.” — Mark Allen

Editing tip: Commonly confused words
“Learn the difference between commonly confused words, e.g. affect/effect, compose/comprise.” — Colleen Barry

Editing tip: Corrections on social media
“I would urge social media producers and editors to have a corrections protocol in place for Facebook and Twitter errors.” — Jennifer Gale Hellum

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