Web design

I designed and built my personal portfolio myself a couple of years ago.With the assistance of some of my favorite colors, a few websites that advise about design and some serious work time, I was able to showcase my skills and work.

The home page.

For the home page, I decided to go with a photo of myself, an “about me” blurb and social-media icons.

One of the more time-consuming tasks while designing a website is finding a unique and attractive font you can use throughout the website. After some searching, I found a modern, graffiti-like font to use.

Since I described myself on the homepage, my “contact” page focuses on just that. I wanted to be a little tongue-in-cheek about getting hired, so I made the “Hire me” button that links to my email.

My “published work” page follows the same style as the rest of the pages, with large text and a main image. The image is actually a photo I took of graffiti in downtown Phoenix, then messed around with in Photoshop until I got the desired effect. I tried to link to each story for ease.

This is the topper for my “blog” page. When you rollover the image with your mouse, the black and purple font colors switch. I used the switch to liven up an otherwise very text-heavy page.

As a fun finishing touch, I added a small purple music note to my site that will appear in the tab.

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