Iditarod newspaper centerpiece

For another assignment, I chose to make a newspaper centerpiece and jump page about the 2012 Iditarod.

In the centerpiece above, I tried to have a little fun and use bright colors to draw readers in. The vivid blue headline, the photo with lots of motion and the small weather animations each give the reader a place to enter the page.

I struggled with choosing a front-page photo because I wanted to try to get one with people in it. However, I decided the sled dogs make more sense and better evoke the feeling of the Iditarod.

I drew the weather animations myself, using Adobe Illustrator and some reference photos. The “online now” box information wasn’t included in the story, but I wanted to have a web element. I simply searched “Iditarod” on Google and found the official website, and then wrote the text.

There were a ton of great pictures provided with the Iditarod story, so I wanted to use as many as possible on the jump page. The cutline information takes up quite a bit of space, but I felt it was all necessary to explain what was going on in each photo.

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