Designing newspaper centerpieces

Part of the class includes newspaper design. We began by making newspaper centerpieces on given topics.

First, we designed a centerpiece around a story about the Super Bowl ads. I thought the Chrysler ad featuring Clint Eastwood was the most newsy, but struggled to find an eye-catching picture. I finally settled on a large screenshot of Eastwood’s face from the commercial as the main photo element.

I chose a screaming headline because it fit nicely in the design. I filled in the story as needed, and decided I would add a teaser to another (imaginary) story about more of the ads. The teaser allowed me to add three more pictures – and some much needed color.

Our next centerpiece focused on the economy, and I like my work on it much better.

I like that I was able to use the label “Economy” and very close the color of the text to the dominant color in the main photo. I received some critique for using both of the smaller pictures in the centerpiece – it started to look too crowded. I could have gone without the “Sunday series” italic label above the box as well.

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