Writing inspiration

Here are a few stories/multimedia pieces I’ve read in and out of journalism schools that have inspired or impressed me (I’ll try to keep this updated):

Love, understanding tell story of mom and 10 kids by Shaun McKinnon

The Entrapment of Jessie Snodgrass by Sabrina Ruben Erdely

A toast story by John Gravois

Reaching my autistic son through Disney by Ron Suskind

Mrs. Kelly’s Monster by Jon Franklin

Frank Sinatra Has a Cold by Gay Talese

Dead End on Silk Road: Internet Crime Kingpin Ross Ulbricht’s Big Fall by David Kushner

A lone wolf, his lost dog and an Internet miracle by Scott Craven

Students analyze emotions found in suicide notes by Michael Gordon

For Vietnam vets, one more mission by Colleen Mastony

Ryan house brings care to children, parents by Eugene Scott

Dog and girl an unlikely, winning pair by William Hageman

Detour Company Theatre lets actors with disabilities shine by Karina Bland

10 Boston lives tell the tale of the Civil War by Brian MacQuarrie

Life of young burn victim a tale of courage, survival by Michelle Ye Hee Lee

Phoenix girl with tough spirit, delicate skin sheds cocoon of bandages by Amy B Wang

Arizona immigrant students find way together, without families by John Faherty

Amid ill and dying inmates, a search for redemption by Kurt Streeter

Mysterious visitor brings Christmas spirit to non-profit by Scott Craven

One man’s salvation by Don Bartletti and Marc Martin

Persistence of a father brings news in a killing by Erica Goode

Teens with Down syndrome crowned prom king, queen by Denise Smith Amos

Digging for their lives: Russia’s volunteer body hunters by Lucy Ash

Iran acid attack: Ameneh Bahrami’s quest for justice by Stephanie Hegarty

Jared Loughner case: Mentally ill killers stir anger, then pity by John Faherty

Mexican reporter Luz Sosa’s dangerous job in Juarez by Mike Lanchin

Blind couple step out as parents by Collen Mastony

The Columbine Tapes by Nancy Gibbs and Timothy Roche

For prostitutes, an alternative to the streets by Jacki Lyden

Gabrielle Giffords’ husband prepares for space launch by Jaimee Rose

Haitians forced out of tents to homes just as precarious by Randal C. Archibold

Mapping the Paris underground by Devorah Lauter

Sins of the sons by Miles O’Brien

I am Adam Lanza’s mother by Lisa Long

True grit, odd wit: And fame? No, thanks by Charles McGrath

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