Under- graduate thesis

asubarrettWhile I was at the Cronkite School of Journalism, I was also part of Barrett, the Honors College. To graduate from the Honors College, among other requirements, students must complete an undergraduate thesis on a topic of their choice, under the supervision of at least two ASU faculty members, and a third reader from ASU or the community.

My thesis is called Introducing Sustainability Design into Journalism using Eyes on Nonprofits — Arizona.

The abstract:

Using systems-thinking techniques, usually relegated to scholarly literature and policy briefs, journalists can use the principles of sustainability to improve their reporting and make the news more relevant, informative and comprehensive for the readers.
To demonstrate these sustainability principles in action, which I will call systems reporting, I will use the example of Eyes on Nonprofits – Arizona, which will be a community network that provides news for health-care and human-services nonprofits in Arizona, including the organization’s professionals, executives, donors and volunteers.

The thesis was supervised by my director, Rebekka Goodman; my second reader, Tim McGuire; and my third reader, Dan Gillmor.

I am considering continuing this line of research.

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